Tantalum Round bars Supplier in Turkey

Bhansali Nickel Alloys is among the leading manufacturer, stockist, and exporter of Tantalum Round Bars and Plates in İstanbul, Turkey. We manufacture these Tantalum Round Bars using high quality raw materials and latest technology equipment under the guidance of our professional team in accordance with globally accepted quality standards. We produce these Tantalum Plates in various specifications, dimensions, configurations and also in the customized specification as per the requirements of our clients at the most reasonable prices across İzmir, Turkey.

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Tantalum Round Bar

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Tantalum Round Bars finds use in four applications which include high-temperature applications, such as aircraft engines, electrical devices, such as capacitors, surgical implants and handling corrosive chemicals. Tantalum Plates are resistant to corrosion and are almost impervious to chemical attack, for this reason it has been employed in the petrochemical industry, e.g. for heat exchanger in boilers where strong acids are vaporized. Due to their excellent resistivity properties Tantalum Plates in industries across Adana, Turkey. Tantalum Round Bars are used in a wide variety of industries like Aerospace Industry, Automotive, Petrochemical Processing Chlorate Production, Desalination, Construction, Hydro Carbon Processing, Marine Equipment, Medical Industry, Power Generation, etc.

Tantalum Plates has several unique properties which have led to its increased use in several applications. It is a highly stable metal that is immune to chemical degradation at temperatures lower than 159 degrees C. In addition, it exhibits high levels of resistance to corrosion when it comes into contact with air and moisture. Tantalum Plates provide superior resistance to many offshore oil & gas environments and resistance to a huge range of acid environments being highly resistant to oxidising acids, possessing useful resistance to reducing acids and providing high resistance to most acids at moderate amounts and temperatures.

Tantalum Round Bars have several features like durability, high resistance to corrosion, oxidation resistance, high density, high fabricability, resistance to corrosion by acids, etc. Tantalum has a high melting point which makes it ideal for high-temperature applications. In plate form, it is typically used in linings for columns, vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, and vacuum furnace parts. Thin plates can also be used for anti-corrosion cladding, repairs, etc.

We at Bhansali Nickel Alloys aim to provide only excellent quality of the Tantalum Round Bars that are suitable for uses in various industries. Hence, we conduct numerous detailed testing on our Round Bars before final delivery. Some of the tests include 100% radiography, macro/micro test, and flaring test, intergranular corrosion test, chemical analysis and Positive Material Identification testing. We provide certain tests certificates with our Plates that assure the quality of our Round Bars these include Raw Materials Test Certificate, 100% Radiography Test Report, Third Party Inspection Report, Material Traceability Report, Guarantee Letter, etc. We supply these to various regions across the Turkey. Few of the regions that we export these products to are Ankara, {country5)}, Diyarbakır, etc.

Frequently Used Tantalum R05240 Round Bar Types


R05200 Round Bar

Tantalum R05200 Round Bar in Turkey
UNS R05400 Rods Supplier in Turkey
R05240 Bars Stockholder in İstanbul
Tantalum Forged Bars Stockist in Konya
ASTM B365 UNS R05252 Bright Bars in Ankara
ASME SB 365 R05255 Hex Bars Manufacturer in Turkey
Tantalum R05240 Flat Bar in Turkey

R05400 Round Bar

Tantalum R05252 Square Bar in Turkey
UNS R05255 Cold Finish Bar Supplier in Turkey
Threaded Bars Stockholder in Diyarbakır
Tantalum R05240 Polished Bar Stockist in Konya
ASTM B365 UNS R05400 Hexagonal Bars in Adana
ASME SB 365 R05240 Hollow Bar Manufacturer in Turkey
Tantalum R05200 Black Bar in Turkey

R05240 Round Bar

Tantalum R05252 Threaded Bar in Turkey
UNS R05200 Triangle Bars Supplier in Turkey
R05240 Cold Drawn Bar Stockholder in Konya
Tantalum R05400 Half Round Bar Stockist in Diyarbakır
ASTM B365 UNS R05252 Square Rods in İzmir
ASME SB 365 R05255 Rods Manufacturer in Turkey
Tantalum R05240 Bar in Turkey

Tantalum UNS R05240 Round Bars Specifications

StandardASTM B365/ ASME SB365
Size10 mm To 100 mm Dia in 100 mm TO 6000 mm Length
FormRound, Square, Hex (A/F), Rectangle, Wire (Coil Form), Wire-mesh, Billet, Ingot, Forging Etc
FinishBright, Polish & Black

Tantalum UNS R05200 Round Bars Fittings Equivalent Grades

Tantalum R05200 / R05400 R05200 / R05400
Tantalum R05252 R05252
Tantalum R05255 R05255
Tantalum R05240 R05240

Tantalum UNS R05400 Round Bars Chemical Composition

Tantalum R05200 / R05400Unalloyed (Pure)
Tantalum R05252 97.5 %2.5 %
Tantalum R0525590 %10 %
Tantalum R0524060 %40 %


Tantalum UNS R05252 Round Bars Mechanical Properties

GradeYeild Strength min.psi (Mpa)Ultimate Tensile Strength min.psi(Mpa)Elongation(%)
R05200 / R0540015,000(103) 25,000(172)25 %
R0525220,000(138)40,000(276)20 %
R0525555,000(379)70,000(482)20 %
R0524015,000(103) 35,000(241)25 %

Ready Inventory of Tantalum R05240 Round Bars Turkey

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Tantalum Bright Bars in Turkey

Tantalum R05255 Black Bar in Turkey

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R05252 Tantalum Forged Bars Supplier in Turkey

Tantalum Cold Finish Bar in Diyarbakır

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R05240 Tantalum Cold Finish Bar in KonyaR05200 Tantalum Round Bar in Turkey
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Tantalum R05255 Forged Bar Supplier in AnkaraR05240 Tantalum Forged Fittings Supplier in Turkey
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Tantalum Round Bars Supplier in TurkeyTantalum Bar in Ankara
Tantalum Black Bar
Supplier in Ankara
R05400 Tantalum Round Bars in Konya
Tantalum R05255 Rods Supplier in TurkeyR05252 Tantalum Bar Supplier in İzmir
Tantalum R05240 Cold Drawn Bar Supplier in TurkeyTantalum R05200 Half Round Bar in İstanbul

Tantalum R05200/R05400/ R05252/R05255/ R05240 applications & uses

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