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Bhansali Overseas is involved in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting a premium quality Forged Fittings in many suitable materials and grades. Monel 400 is one of the appropriate materials for Forged Fitting manufacturing, which has many features and benefits. This Monel 400 Forged Fitting is one of the most demanded products from our inventory and highly demanded by our clients from various industrial sectors. We are providing these Forged Fittings in all customized and non-customized forms as per the requirements of our esteem clients. We use optimum quality raw material for manufacturing these Forged Fittings, which is tested by our skilled professionals. We are ensuring to supply excellent quality Fittings in the bulk amount and offering to our clients in the required amount. We are providing these Monel 400 Forged Fittings with all chemical and mechanical standards. We are manufacturing these Forged Fittings by following all national and international quality standards. By following all defined manufacturing processes, we are offering these Fittings with all qualities. We are manufacturing these Forged Fittings under the supervision of our experts to avoid defects during the manufacturing process. We are using the latest technology and advanced machinery to make these Monel 400 Forged Fittings with all excellent features. We are offering these Fittings are perfectly suitable to use in extremely corrosive and reducing conditions, which make them able to use at higher pressure and temperature.

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Forged Fittings

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We are using pure materials for Forged Fittings manufacturing. We are using pure Monel 400 alloy, which is nickel-based. These Fittings are hardened by the process of cold working. This Monel 400 alloy or superalloy Monel which are suitable for fabricating many industrial products. With many features and qualities, we are making these Forged Fittings perfect for any industrial use. Our high-grade Forged Fittings has superior resistance to localized attacks like crevice corrosion and pitting. With the resistance against reducing acids and sulphuric acid, our high-grade Monel 400 Forged Fittings are performing well in all industrial applications. We are using this excellent quality Monel 400 grade, which has excellent resistance to chloride SSC and sensitization resistance against intergranular corrosion. Our high-grade Monel 400 Socket weld Forged Fittings are offering durable service life in any industrial application. With higher resistance in a corrosive chemical environment, our excellent quality Monel 400 Forged Fittings are perfect to use in any complex industrial application. Our Forged Fittings are offering resistivity to intergranular corrosion and crevice corrosion. These Forged Fittings have features like high temperature resistance, excellent formability, and many more. We are serving these high-grade Monel 400 Forged Fittings to various industrial sectors such as the chemical processing industry, food processing industry, gas scrubbing plant, seawater cooling device, desalination plant, and many other industries.

We, Bhansali Overseas, are focusing on to supply excellent quality Forged Fittings to our esteem clients in the required amount. We are offering these Monel 400 Forged Fittings with excellent formability, weldability holds high pressure, high mechanical strength, good dimensional accuracy, fine surface finishes, rugged construction, maintains the greater temperature, high hardness, and non-corrosive body. All these features make our Monel 400 Forged Fittings perfect for any industrial use. We, Bhansali Overseas, has a team of experts, skilled professionals, and quality analysts who are strictly following all defined norms to maintain the quality standards higher. We fabricate this premium quality Monel 400 Forged Fittings in our well-equipped manufacturing plant under the supervision and guidance of our skilled professionals. They are using modern machinery and advanced tools for fabrication of these Monel 400 Forged Fittings in bulk amount without compromising the quality of these Forged Fittings. We are keeping ready stock of these Forged Fittings in our warehouse to complete every urgent order. With a stable and reliable solution, we are satisfying the quality of our esteemed buyers. By following all national and international quality standards, we are manufacturing excellent quality Monel 400 Forged Threaded Fittings for our clients.

Bhansali Overseas is focusing on maintaining the quality standards higher by testing our Monel 400 Forged Fittings under the supervision of our quality analysts. Our experts are maintaining the quality of these Monel 400 Forged Fittings by testing them at various stages of manufacturing. They are performing all non-destructive and destructive tests such as positive material identification test, mechanical test, intergranular corrosion test, pitting resistance test, macro test, micro test, flattening test, and flaring test to check all quality parameters of our Forged Fittings. Bhansali Overseas is also focusing on offering safe delivery at the client’s locations. We use damage-proof packaging and eco-friendly packaging materials to pack these Monel 400 Forged Fittings to avoid damages during shipping. We are choosing a convenient and fast shipping way to offer on-time delivery to our clients. We are satisfying the needs of our clients at reasonable rates by supplying these Forged Fittings in the required amount and at affordable rates.

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We maintain huge inventories of all standard sizes and grades. Please send us your complete requirement and we will send you the availability with the best quote for Monel Alloy UNS N04400 Forged Fittings.

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Monel alloy 400 Forged Fittings specification

400 Forged FittingsUNS N04400 Forged FittingsMonel 400 is suitable in environments where resistance to general corrosion and chloride stress corrosion cracking is important.

Excellent quality and factory rates

Monel 2.4360 threaded fittings FOB Price US $80.12 – $95.28/ Piece 400 Alloy forged elbow FOB Price US $2.09 – $3.07/ Piece
ASTM B564 400 Monel socket weld coupling FOB Price US $0.49 – $48.27/ Piece Monel Alloy 400 forged threaded tee FOB Price US $5.89 – $175.32/ Piece
High Precision Monel 400 Alloy Union FOB Price US $ 10-13 /Kg (FOB Price) ASTM B564 Monel 400 socket weld forged bushing FOB Price US $ 4-6 /Kg
Alloy forged fittings 400 FOB Price US $ 6-10 /Kg 400 Monel Alloy socket weld fittings FOB Price US $ 4-5 /Kg

Monel UNS N04400 Forged Fittings Specifications

Specifications ASTM B564/ ASME SB564
Size 1/8” NB to 4” NB (Socketweld & Screwed-Threaded)
Dimensions ASME 16.11, MSS SP-79, 83, 95, 97, BS 3799
Types Socketweld Fittings, Screwed-Threaded Fittings
Pressure Rating Threaded End-2000lb/ 3000lb/ 6000lbs Socket-weld End-3000/ 6000/ 9000lbs
Forged Fittings Thread NPT, BSPT, BSPP
Test Certificates EN 10204/3.1B Raw Materials Certificate 100% Radiography Test Report Third Party Inspection Report, etc
Origin & Mills Japanese, Indian, USA, Korean, European, Ukraine, Russian
Material Test Certificates (MTC) as per EN 10204 3.1 and EN 10204 3.2, Test Certificates certifying NACE MR0103, NACE MR0175

Monel Alloy N04400 Forged Fittings Stock Availability

ASTM B564 400 Monel Alloy Forged Fittings Equivalent Grades

Monel 400 2.4360 N04400 NW 4400 NA 13 МНЖМц 28-2,5-1,5 NU-30M NiCu30Fe

Monel 400 Forged Fittings Chemical Composition

Grade C Mn Si S Cu Fe Ni
Monel 400 0.30 max 2.00 max 0.50 max 0.024 max 28.00 – 34.00 2.50 max 63.00 min

ASME SB 564 Monel 400 Forged Fittings Mechanical Properties

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Monel 400 8.8 g/cm3 1350 °C (2460 °F) Psi – 80,000 , MPa – 550 Psi – 35,000 , MPa – 240 40 %

Frequently Used Monel Alloy 400 Forged Fittings Types


Forged Elbow

Monel 400 Forged Elbow
UNS N04400 Socket weld Elbow
2.4360 Threaded Elbow
Alloy 400 Screwed Forged Elbow
ASTM B564 UNS N04400 Forged 90 Degree Elbow
ASME SB 564 400 45 Degree Forged Elbow
ANSI B16.11 Monel 400 BSP Threaded Elbow
ASTM B564 UNS N04400 NPT Threaded Elbow

Forged Tee

Monel 400 Forged Tee
UNS N04400 Socket weld Tee
2.4360 Threaded Tee
Alloy 400 Screwed Forged Tee
ASTM B564 400 Monel Forged Equal Tee
ASME SB 564 400 Alloy Unequal Forged Tee
ANSI B16.11 Monel 400 BSP Threaded Tee
ASTM B564 Alloy 400 NPT Threaded Tee

Forged Cross

Monel 400 Forged Cross
UNS N04400 Socket weld Cross
2.4360 Threaded Cross
Alloy 400 Screwed Forged Cross
UNS N04400 Forged Equal Cross
ASME SB 564 400 Monel Unequal Forged Cross
ANSI B16.11 Monel 400 BSP Threaded Cross
ASTM B564 400 Alloy NPT Threaded Cross

Forged Coupling

Monel 400 Forged Coupling
UNS N04400 Socket weld Coupling
2.4360 Threaded Coupling
Alloy 400 Screwed Forged Coupling
UNS N04400 Forged Full Coupling
ASME SB 564 400 Monel Half Forged Coupling
ANSI B16.11 Monel 400 BSP Threaded Coupling
ASTM B564 Monel Alloy 400 NPT Threaded Reducing Coupling

Forged Union

Monel 400 Forged Union
UNS N04400 Socket weld Union
2.4360 Threaded Unions
Alloy 400 Screwed Forged Union
UNS N04400 Hex Head Forged Union
ASME SB 564 400 Monel Hex Union
ANSI B16.11 Monel 400 BSP Threaded Union
ASTM B564 Alloy 400 NPT Threaded Union

Forged Bushing

Monel 400 Forged Bushing
UNS N04400 Socket weld Bushing
2.4360 Threaded Bushings
Alloy 400 Screwed Forged Bushing
UNS N04400 Hex Head Forged Bushing
ASME SB 564 400 Monel Hex Bushing
ANSI B16.11 Monel 400 BSP Threaded Bushing
ASTM B564 Alloy 400 NPT Threaded Bushing

Forged Cap

Monel 400 Forged Cap
UNS N04400 Socket weld Cap
2.4360 Threaded Pipe End Caps
Alloy 400 Screwed Forged Cap
UNS N04400 Forged Pipe Cap
ASME SB 564 400 Alloy End Cap
ANSI B16.11 Monel 400 BSP Threaded Cap
ASTM B564 Alloy 400 NPT Threaded End Pipe Cap

Forged Plug

Monel 400 Forged Plug
UNS N04400 Socket weld Plug
2.4360 Threaded Hex Plug
Alloy 400 Screwed Forged Plug
UNS N04400 Forged Hex Head Plug
ASME SB 564 400 Monel Square Plugs
ANSI B16.11 Monel 400 BSP Threaded Plug
ASTM B564 Alloy 400 NPT Threaded Round Head Plug

Forged Nipple

Monel Alloy 400 Forged Nipple
UNS N04400 Socket weld Nipple
2.4360 Threaded Swage Nipple
Alloy 400 Screwed Forged Nipple
UNS N04400 Forged Pipe Niple
ASME SB 564 400 Monel Pipe Nipples
ANSI B16.11 Monel 400 BSP Threaded Nipple
ASTM B564 400 Alloy NPT Threaded Swage Nipple

Ready Inventory of Monel 400 Forged Fittings

Monel 400 Socket Weld 45 Deg Elbow UNS N04400 Monel Forged Threaded 90 Degree Elbow
Monel 400 Forged Fittings Alloy 400 90° NPT Threaded Elbow
Alloy 400 Forged Socket Weld Tee 400 Monel® Alloy Threaded Fittings
Monel® Alloy 400 High Pressure Forged Fittings Nickel Alloy 400 Socket Weld Equal Tee
Alloy 400 Cross 400 Alloy Equal Cross Price
400 Monel® Alloy Socket Weld Full Coupling 2.4360 Monel Threaded Half Coupling stockist
Monel 400 Pipe Cap supplier Alloy 400 Socket Weld Union
400 Monel Forged Screwed Union ANSI B16.11 Monel 400 NPT Threaded Fittings
UNS N04400 45 Degree BSP Threaded Elbow 400 Alloy Forged Reducing Tee
ASME B16.11 Monel 400 Screwed Pipe Cap Alloy 400 Forged Threaded Plug
Monel 400 Threaded Pipe Nipple ASTM B564 Monel 400 Hex Head Bushing Supplier
ASME SB 564 Monel 400 Threaded Adapter Distributors Nickel Alloy 400 Threaded Swage Nipple
Monel 2.4360 NPT Threaded Street Elbow 400 Monel hreaded Union BS 3799

Monel Alloy 400 Forged Fittings applications & uses

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Jamshedpur, Ludhiana, Hanoi, Hyderabad, Perth, New Delhi, Vadodara, Pune, Seoul, Ranchi, Secunderabad, Faridabad, Mumbai, New York, Bengaluru, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Houston, Kuala Lumpur, La Victoria, Petaling Jaya, Thiruvananthapuram, Kanpur, Howrah, Moscow, Visakhapatnam, Noida, Rajkot, Lagos, Ahmedabad, Dammam, Indore, Bangkok, Nashik, Bhopal, Lahore, Sharjah, Gurgaon, Chennai, Geoje-si, Jaipur, Sydney, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Caracas, Atyrau, Baroda, Istanbul, Ernakulam, Toronto, Montreal, Aberdeen, Nagpur, Haryana, Busan, Chandigarh, Granada, Thane, Surat, Navi Mumbai

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